Blockchain Hub Davos 2022











23 May to 25 May, 2022

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Promenade 69, Davos, Switzerland

23 May, 2022
Digital Assets On the Global Stage
24 May, 2022
Enterprise & Government Blockchain Adoption
25 May, 2022
NFTs, Metaverse & Gaming
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Abhishek Pitti

CEO of IBC Media

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Andrea Abrams

Founder at PHYGICODE, Chief of Strategy at Faith Tribe

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Ashok Ranadive

Director of Professional Services at CasperLabs

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Brittany Kaiser

Founder of Own Your Data Foundation

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Carlos Creus Moreira

Founder, Chairman and CEO of WISeKey

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Charles Okochu

Senior Business Development Manager at Amazon Managed Blockchain

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Dr. Willi Brammertz

President at Nucleus Finance

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Esteban van Goor

Co-Founder of Dmusic, Founder of Xange

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Joel Curado

Managing Director, Business Development, CasperLabs

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Lou Kerner

Founder of Crypto Mondays

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Mario Nawfal

Co-Founder and Strategy Advisor at NFT Technologies; Founder at IBC Group

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Max Shin

CEO of Rotonda, Burrito Wallet (Bithumb Mobile Wallet)

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Medha Parlikar

Co-Founder/CTO of CasperLabs

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Mrinal Manohar

Co-Founder & CEO of CasperLabs

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Niamh O'Connell

Senior Business Development Manager at CasperLabs

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Nitin Gaur

Managing Director at State Street Digital

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Olaf Hannemann

Co-Founder and CIO, CV VC

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Patrick Horsman

Managing Director at Coral Capital

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Rachid Ajaja

Founder and CEO, AllianceBlock

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Ralf Kubli

Board Member, Casper Association

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Ramesh Ramadoss

Co-Chair, IEEE Blockchain Technical Community

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Ronit Ghose

Head of Banking, FinTech and Digital Assets at Citi Global Insights

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Shyam Nagarajan

Executive Partner, Web3.0 and Sustainability at IBM Consulting

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Todd A Goergen

Managing Partner of Ropart Asset Management

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Tony Greenberg

CEO & Founder of RampRate

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Wahid Chammas

Co-Founder and Chairman at Faith Tribe DAOFounder & CIO at TyreGate Capital Holdings, LTD.

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Dr. Wulf Kaal

CEO of Menagerie

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