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12:00 to 22:00 every day, Mon 16th through to Thur 19th Jan 2023

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Promenade 69, Davos, Switzerland

The Blockchain Hub is an annual event that brings together industry leaders, academics and policymakers for a thoughtful discussion on the state of the blockchain industry.

The past year has been a rollercoaster unlike anything the blockchain industry has previously experienced. Global markets are down, scrutiny is high, and skepticism reigns supreme. Yet throughout it all, a dedicated core of organizations remain as committed as ever to advancing one of the 21st century’s most important new technologies.

This year, the Blockchain Hub will be broadly focused on realizing blockchain’s promise. Over three days of dedicated programming and networking, we’ll examine the current state of the digital asset market, how a growing number of businesses and governments around the world are using blockchain technology in meaningful ways – as well as a discussion on the broader economic and societal trends that will shape this space for the next decade and beyond.

The Hub enables people to convene, learn, share and illustrate how blockchain is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We invite everyone to come along, demonstrate, and discover the concrete applications and solutions that blockchain is serving to enterprises.

About the organizers

About CasperLabs
CasperLabs is the enterprise blockchain software leader. The CasperLabs team built Casper, the first layer-1 blockchain for the scale and operational needs of enterprise organizations, creating complete transparency and trust for all business transactions. CasperLabs delivers applications and services that drive revenue and radical efficiency for companies and governments alike. We are on a mission to build the essential foundation for an entirely new era of customer value and business success.

About CV Labs 
CV Labs is the heartbeat of Crypto Valley, the world's most mature blockchain hub. We help global start-ups, corporates, and investors to leverage blockchain technology by providing acceleration programs, community-centric co-working spaces, industry events, summits, and research reports.

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Davos is a popular winter sports destination, and for a good reason! Average temperatures in January range from an average high of -0.2°C (31.6°F) and an average low of -9.1°C (15.6°F). You can typically expect up to 0.9 m (35.43") of snow. Make sure you bring appropriate winter clothes for your travel to the venue, including snow boots, gloves, a scarf, and a hat.

Inside the venue, you can dress up in business or business casual attire.

Fun fact:

Did you know that Davos is the highest town in Europe?

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